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The Dark Side of the Moon

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The Journal: Generally update on a whim ie in the small hours of the morning, while I'm procrastinating ;p! Contains drabbles and random thoughts on life and all else that goes on within it. Mostly in English but sometimes in Thai - depending on the content and the mood ^^! [070411 - 'personal dumping ground' probably covers it ;p!]

The Writer: Rather prone to random, sudden need to write sth - normally angsty and nonsensical ^^! Originally from Chiang Rai, Thailand but now based in London, UK, doing a Biomedical Science BSc at Imperial College London. Addicted to her music - too much for her own good since she can't really work with it on ^^! Love food and bed - especailly one with warm, fluffy duvets~~~!!! Generally very very laid back (ie lazy ^^!). Reads A LOT - but nothing really course-related ^^!

[070411 God, how long ago was this? I sound so..young ^^!!]

Oct 2011 - Relocation: Goodbye London, I'll miss you! Your theatres. And parks. And secondhand bookshops. And buses. And.. and.. :bawls:
Anyway, Hello Heidelberg ;p!